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I feel fine, but it's hard to know just how good my diet really is.

Symptoms are a fairly unreliable basis for assessing one's health status. Just as the early stages of diabetes and atherosclerosis are symptomless but none-the-less real, the effects of nutritional deficiencies and indulgences can be symptomless and just as serious. For people who eat an admittedly poor diet, being symptomless is not necessarily a sign of health. For people who try hard to eat a healthy diet, even for you it can be hard to know how good your diet is. It should not require a degree in nutrition to put together a healthy diet, but with all the information, misinformation and confusion out there, it is difficult to know what to do.

So, whether you know your diet is in trouble and want help improving it or whether you try to eat well but just don't know how well you are doing, we can help. We'll assess your diet and put you on a path to great nutrition. Give us a call.




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