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Nutrition Counseling
In nutrition counseling, we work individually with clients to understand their needs, assess their current situation and help guide them toward achieving their goals.

All Nutrition Counseling services begin the same way for. We examine people's current health, lifestyle, eating habits, work and family situation and personal goals. We ask people to complete a food diary, recording all food and drink consumed over a period of a week. We then put this information together to analyze the client's needs and develop a nutritional plan that will help the individual achieve his/her goals. We also address other important lifestyle factors such as exercise and stress. When appropriate we will include supplements in a plan, but the foundation of a plan is always food.

There are two nutrition counseling services:
  • Full Nutrition Counseling: for people who are experiencing nutrition related health problems and for people who want a comprehensive, assessment of their diet and a plan for moving ahead in a supportive environment.
  • Nutrition Quick-Check: a faster, less expensive service. It is for people who are not experiencing health issues but want expert assessment and guidance on optimizing their diets. It is for people who are not sure how good their diet is, or who know their diet is not what it could be.
  • Nutrition counseling and nutrition therapy do not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Nutrition therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment.


    Service Fee
    Full Nutrition Counseling: Start-up package
    • First appointment: intake*
    • Analysis and preparation of a plan
    • Second appointment: present and discuss the analysis and the plan
    • First follow-up appointment
    Nutrition Quick-Check
    • Analysis of food diary and health/lifestyle questionnaire
    • Meet with nutritionist to review and discuss the analysis and plan
    Follow-up appointments
    • 30 minute appointment
    • package of four 30 minute appointments
    • 60 minute appointment
    • package of four 60 minute appointments
    * If a client chooses to not continue after the intake appointment, the fee will be $90.

    Up to two short phone or email consultations between meetings are included.

    We invite you to read on to learn more about us, to contact us with any questions, to schedule an appointment, to speak with a Nutritionist, and learn more about a Vegetarian Nutrition and a Vegetarian Diet. We're located in Denver, Colorado and work with people around the country.

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